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Hello! I’m Valeria Scaloni an Italian illustrator, with a long experience in tailor-made visual solutions. I help companies and clients to achieve their goals by offering them a fresh art direction. I always create unique, impressive and clean visual solutions with personality and attention to detail.


Brand Illustrations

Art Direction

I have an eclectic perspective, a strong focus on visual design and a great experience in art direction and illustration. I have been working for more than 12 years in the advertising, marketing and publishing fields always offering and providing brand-new visual solutions for different purposes.

Editorial Illustration


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Visual Design

Fondazione Torino Musei

Art Direction

Valeria Scaloni Italian illustrator and artist specialized in art direction

Valeria Scaloni is an Italian illustrator, artist and art director based both in Spain and Italy. Her portfolio is synonymous with great creativity and not ordinary visual concepts for 360-degree communication and innovative solutions. She has been working in the illustration field and visual industry for more than 12 years. She worked to many project and fro several European companies, institutions, and clients.

Each of Valeria Scaloni’s assignment as art director, illustrator and artist is always managed with a client-oriented focus. Client’s goals and needs are always central and are masterfully combined with great taste, innovation and communication efficiency by Valeria’s expertise. The core of each project is the communicative effectiveness expressed with simplicity in user-oriented and eye-catching shapes.

If you are looking for a creative and professional artist, illustrator and art director, do not hesitate to contact and hire Valeria. Her long experience and strong expertise are a guarantee of creativity and professionalism, as well as custom-made and unique visual and graphic solutions. Valeria Scaloni collaboration is perfect for any kind of purpose and commercial, editorial or cultural projects.