Valeria Scaloni is a senior art director and creative director and illustrator specializing in visual communication and art direction for advertising, marketing, and publishing industries. Her strong point is her eclectic vision and the ability to interpret customer needs for creative and tailor-made solutions.

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An artistic family tree

Art and graphics have been always running through Valeria’s veins since she was born. Her family has a long history in illustration, graphic arts, and the advertising industry. Valeria’s family tree is amazing: most of her ancestors, in fact, were artists and illustrators involved in important editorial and advertising publications since the end of the 19th century. In the long list we find her great-grandfather Leonida Edel, Alfredo Edel, her grandmother Letizia Edel with her brothers Nico Edel, Antonio and Leopoldo Edel, Nick Edel, Bruno Edel and many others up to Giuseppe Naudin.


Flavour and style

Valeria’s works are characterized by the use of shapes and colors to create elegant, eye-catching, unique, and distinctive designs. Over the years she has specialized in the role of art director where her creative and management skills can melt. Her art director career stands out thanks to her professionalism, great accuracy, and ability to find the best visual solution for the main clients and project goals.



Valeria was born in Turin in 1982 where her artistic career started very soon. She got a master’s University degree in Fine Arts (Accademia delle Belle Arti di Torino) and after that, she decided to add some more specific skills to her expertise with a Master’s Degree in 3D graphics and modeling (Escuela Trazos – Madrid). She attended several workshops, for her professional training as an illustrator, at the MiMaster School including “Illustration for magazines” directed by Nicholas Blechman (creative director of the New Yorker) and Matt Dorfman (art director of the New York Times Book Review) and “Book Cover Illustration” directed by Jason Ramirez (art director Penguin Book) and Stefano Guerri (art director Feltrinelli).

senior art director and illustration career

From graphic design to illustration and art director

Valeria began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator and she quickly rose through the ranks to become an art director.
Since the beginning of her career, Valeria has been working as a freelance digital art director and illustrator on many projects for several different industries and companies, and cultural institutions too.
She has created illustrations for several publications, including Forbes, Editorial Siruela, La Stampa, Il Foglio, Erickson, and more.
Her work has been featured in several blogs.


Awards and recognitions

Her work has been awarded lots of times and she was a finalist in many other competitions and awards, the AI-AP and Premio Illustri awards, only to mention a few of them.


Valeria Scaloni skills

Valeria is known for her ability to take on any challenge with a positive attitude, has a strong passion for design, and takes great pride in her work. She is constantly exploring new design trends and techniques to ensure that her work is always fresh and up-to-date.