Valeria Scaloni's illustration portfolio

This section is dedicated to the art of Valeria Scaloni, a creative and colorful illustration portfolio where you can find some of her best and most representative illustrations both analogical and digital. In her illustration portfolio there are watercolor illustrations but also vector art illustration and digital production. Her work is often inspired by women, music and contemporary visual tendencies which are crucial for her creativity and illustration vision. Her production ranges from mountain, landscape, food and nature illustration to corporate, editorial and brand identity designs (packaging, visual design and  illustration system).  Check the latest Valeria’s illustrations and news in Instagram!

Valeria Scaloni began her career as graphic designer, but soon realized her true passion was illustration. Any kind of illustration were inspiring for her creativity: artistic, food, plants, mountain illustrations. Valeria’s work is characterized by her bold use of traditional illustration and graphic design techniques, which allow her to create original and versatile artworks for different visual sectors. Whether she creates a handmade, watercolor or digital illustration, her aim is always to tell a story and establish a connection with the viewers, With her unique and direct style she is always able to capture the attention and the wish of the viewer to daydream and taste art and beauty. Keep in touch with Valeria! 

Since the beginning of her career as illustrator she worked on many different projects, including covers for books, advertising campaigns and packaging designs, apart from illustrations for public organization, commercial companies and private clients. She often uses a bright color palette to create a sense of happiness and strong visual impact for each of her artwork. No matter if the illustration is for commercial or artistic purposes: any Valeria Scaloni illustration is a unique piece of art. Lots of her illustrations have been awarded and selected for international competition in the art of illustration. She won several prizes and recognitions. Her illustration style is contemporary, unique, distinctive and easy to be welcomed by the user.  . Read also Valeria’s career and bio.